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L'anse Aux Meadows

Newfoundland, Canada

L'Anse aux Meadows

At the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula of the island of Newfoundland, the remains of an 11th-century Viking settlement are evidence of the first European presence in North America. The excavated remains of wood-framed peat-turf buildings are similar to those found in Norse Greenland and Iceland.

Artifacts found at the site show evidence of activities including iron production and woodworking, likely used for ship repair, as well as indications that those who used the camp voyaged further south.

The Gaia Art Gallery carries moose antler carvings, silver jewelry, and Innu tea dolls woven from smoke-tanned caribou hide, beads, and cotton. For keepsakes with a Nordic twist, the Heritage Shop of L'anse aux Meadows stocks historical books, knitwear, pottery, and music during the summer months.

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