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Ottawa, Canada
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Canadian Museum of History

Ottawa riverfront, home to the Canadian Museum of Civilization

The magnificent Canadian Museum of History is located on the Gatineau riverbank, which is the opposite Ottawa's Parliament buildings, and a wall of windows looks out to Parliament Hill. Its architect, Douglas Cardinal, wanted  to bring to mind the extent and diversity of the Canadian landscape. The museum collects more than a million artifacts and some are on display in the First Peoples Hall, Canada Hall, and Grand Hall. There is particular emphasis on the longhouses and totem poles of Pacific Northwest First Nations.



Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park 

Part of the Canadian Shield, Gatineau Park is a hilly woodland and lakeland district near the Gatineau River. Some places are set aside for outdoor activities such as camping, jogging, walking, riding, swimming, fishing, cycling, and downhill and cross-country skiing. Footpaths through the southern part of the park make for an especially beautiful walk in the autumn, as the leaves change colors. There are also a number of sightseeing attractions within the park. Lusk Cave is a mavellous cave that is open to the public for underground tours



Mackenzie King Estate

Mackenzie King Estate

The country estate of Canada's longest-serving prime minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King, can be standed on the heart of Gatineau Park. The estate includes several small homes on a lakeshore, including the main house, Moorside. Visitors can enjoy tea or a meal in the dining room and see items from the Mackenzie-King days whatever they want to have. The romantic gardens have picturesque ruins, which MacKenzie-King relocated to the estate after the Canadian Parliament building in Ottawa burned down in 1916.



Editor's PickBelvédère Champlain

Belvédère Champlain

The Belvédère Champlain, about 26 kilometers from the Gatineau Park entrance, provides a wonderful view over the Gatineau hills. Especially in autumn, the orange-and-golden slopes cut a sharp contrast as they meet the rolling farmland in the Ottawa and Gatineau river valleys.



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