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Quebec City, Canada


Charlevoix is a beautiful region of the province of Quebec in Canada. Famous for its idyllic topography of rolling hills and mountains along the St. Lawrence River, the landscape is actually the result of the impact of a massive meteorite that crashed down millions of years ago and created a deep crater nearly 60 kilometers in diameter.

Charlevoix attracts visitors because of its agritourism and regional farm-to-table cuisine, arts and culture, and scenic driving routes. In addition, the small towns that dot the region are lovely places to stop and soak in Quebec's history via the architecture and regional charm.

Let yourself fully appreciate the picturesque nature here, or if it’s culture you’re drawn to, spend an afternoon wandering art galleries in Baie-Saint-Paul. Take a mouth-watering tour of all the local products and end the day off at cozy lodgings worth posting about. In colder months, drift among the ice floes in a sea kayak, hit the ski slopes, or even hop on a snowmobile to explore the beauty of the coast and the gems of the backcountry. Drift yourself into a mesmerizing sensory experience in Charlevoix.

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