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Agawa Canyon

Sault Ste. Marie, Canada

Agawa Canyon

The park has a variety of trails that lead to the most scenic spots, including four waterfalls and the breathtaking Lookout. There are plenty of picnic areas for those wishing to have lunch during the stopover or you may want to eat prior to arrival or after departure, in order to have as much time as possible to explore the park.

Five short nature trails cross the park area: the Ed Foote Trail, Lookout Trail, Otter Creek Trail, River Trail, and Talus Trail

For visitors looking for a more relaxing visit, there are numerous picnic tables and benches placed throughout the park. There is a stone picnic shelter to enjoy your lunch in. You’ll also find a nearby display of larger antique rail equipment and there’s a small playground area for young children.

The Algoma Central Railway offers tours trains to canyon in the summer, fall and winter months; during late September and October for the changing colors and in December, January and February for the "snow train".

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